Sparks Parfum

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Awaken your fiery spirit with Sparks, a top-quality perfume that ignites your senses with an irresistible spark. Presented in a dazzling 75ml aluminum bottle, this exceptional textile fragrance embodies the essence of fire and energy in every detail of its captivating design.

The Sparks bottle, with its sinuous shape and seductive lines, evokes the intensity and brilliance of fire. Its shiny aluminum hides a bewitching liquid that burns inside.

Sparks packaging is inspired by the powerful image of the spark that unleashes the magic of fire. With vibrant hues and a captivating aesthetic, its packaging becomes a burst of visual emotions, anticipating the vivacity and power that await when this fragrance is uncovered.

Sparks, in addition to being a perfume of excellence, is represented in all our textile products that we send, its intense and long-lasting aroma symbolizing the spark of quality that distinguishes us.

⚠️Important: This is a textile fragrance with long-lasting intensity, not recommended for body use.⚠️