Storm Jacket Blue




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The Storm Jacket is part of our line of Eco/Friendly products that we decided to call [REMEMBER THE FUTURE] Products designed and designed to reduce our carbon footprint on earth. They contain 100% recycled fabric parts with the latest Tyvek ® technology.



Their labels are also 100% recycled and contain seeds with instructions so you can plant. In our mission to promote a sustainable lifestyle, we use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of our garments. Thus, we not only provide you with a functional and fashionable jacket, but we also contribute to the conservation of the planet.



This windbreaker features an exclusive detail: a pocket with magnetic closure. This practical and secure closure system ensures that your belongings are protected without worrying about losing anything during your outdoor activities. In addition, the jacket has a hood with a visor that hides to be used only when you want!



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